Chewy’s Corner

Chewy is a 2 year old Yorkipoo. He’s usually barking at us and giving us orders. He’s a lot of fun to have around. He’s a friendly little guy that loves attention.

He’s always on guard. He will bark, but don’t worry he won’t bite. He just has to let you know that he’s in charge.
He’s having a major case of cabin fever today and we haven’t had much for visitors today for him to talk to.
Chewy loves helping customers pick out slabs for their space!
The phone never rings for Chewy! Poor Chewy.

Chewy has added another skill to his resume! He is the main actor in our new and upcoming commercial. If you live in Siouxland, keep an eye out for Chewy on KTIV (Channel 4).

Chewy just loves going to our indoor slab yard. Stop out and he will be happy to show you around.

Come out and see Chewy today! He loves company!!!
Chewy has been trying to learn to drive the Bobcat so he can move snow.