Do it right the first time

Growing up my parents and grandparents were notorious for saying, “If you are going to do something, do it right the first time.” As I have grown into an adult, that has been helpful advice in many areas of life. How does that apply to your counters and tile???

Scott is proud to hand pick each slab of granite that we sell to maintain quality inventory, but today I am going to talk about waterproofing and proper tile installation. Most of us know that when you are laying tile in a shower or on a floor that some sort of a membrane needs to be put down first to help with moisture control. Many of these products are sold to us average consumers leaving us to believe that we are getting the best possible solution/protection for our project but that’s far from the case. I always want to know what I can do to make my project perfect and what is going to make it last for a long time.

We are proud to sell and recommend Schluter Systems Ditra and Kerdi products. Did you know that many of those concrete based boards break down over time? Using a Kerdi system in your shower/bathtub area is a sure way to guarantee that your drywall will stay dry and your walls won’t have mold lurking behind them. The Ditra is what we recommend for tile floors because it also creates a waterproof membrane. I would be so upset if I spent all of this money building or remodeling my bathroom and found out in a couple of years that I had to rip everything out because of a moisture/mold issue.

The only downside of the Ditra or Kerdi products is the extra expense at the time of your project. I personally find that doing it right the first time and having piece of mind that there is not water damage and mold behind my shower tiles is worth it. For more information on why we recommend the Ditra and Kerdi systems, stop in and talk to us or head to their company website. It is more money upfront, but in the end it could save you thousands of dollars. Trapped moisture wrecks havoc on even the most high end homes if the under layer is not giving you a waterproof membrane.

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