Ditra…Schluter…What is this stuff? Why do I need it?

Ditra is a floor system from Schluter Systems that is made for tile. It meets the essential functions for an underlayer that make it an amazing product to use in your space. It is the best uncoupling option for your underlayer. It will help eliminate cracked tiles because it allows the tile covering to move independently from the substrate. Here in Iowa we have that lovely freeze/thaw thing that happens every year. Without the proper installation tools, your beautiful new floor could crack within a year. The Ditra is your best defense. It also protects your tile from water penetration.

The geometric orange sheet is the Ditra. It has built in channels that allow for moisture to escape before it wrecks havoc on your surfaces.

As you can see from the picture above, the Ditra allows the subfloor moisture an avenue to escape. This thin plastic membrane is able to support heavy loads so it’s great for high traffic areas. Many car dealerships will use this under their tile floors in their showrooms. It can be installed over plywood or OSB, concrete, or existing vinyl. It is so light and easy to install!

Ditra also has a heat option available. It is so easy to install those heated floors in the bathroom that your wife has been dreaming of !

Schluter Systems has their own YouTube channel so that any D.I.Y. weekend warriors can get extra support that they might need. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZxStJkMbWEV9axtag7w5Q

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