At least you have your health

Have you ever wondered if your bathroom was wrecking havoc on your health? I have been talking regularly about Schlueter Systems Ditra and Kerdi systems lately. I did not realize how many issues can happen in your home if you do not properly treat and protect the underlayment in your tile areas. Not only can your beautiful new tile and grout crack which is not very visually appealing, but all of the money you spent on that project will basically be thrown away.

Water and trapped moisture can do major damage before you realize that the damage has been done. It’s not just the money that you will spend doing the same job twice, but also the potential damage to your health. We are all aware that mold has the potential to cause some nasty heath issues especially for those that have a mold allergy.

On the surface this tile looks just fine. Look at the filth and damage behind it!

One of the best reasons to use tile in high traffic areas of your home is the visual appeal and outstanding durability. If it’s properly installed, it’s one of the most durable flooring options. It’s easy to clean and it gives endless design possibilities.

Let us help you with you get the most out of your tile! Stop in today and we can show you how easy it is to get the best foundation for your tile.

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