Say Yes to the Dress!

I was talking to a customer earlier today about the many different surfacing options that we offer our customers here at HTS. The customer has been leaning towards quartz and asked me what I would put in my personal space and why.

To me that’s easy. Hands down it would be granite. Yes there is a slight amount of maintenance, but it’s not hard, time consuming, or labor intensive. It’s tough and can handle the workload that goes through my kitchen, but it’s timeless. It won’t decrease in value, it adds character and personalizes your space, and I don’t feel it will ever go out of style. It’s like a “little black dress” for your house.

This dreamy kitchen is a prime example of why you just can’t beat the wow factor that granite gives in my opinion. The granite really makes the contrasting island and cabinets pop. The custom backsplash behind the cooktop gives it that extra bling and ties in the dark elements of the island and undermounted anthracite composite sink.

I know there are a lot of quartz fans out there and I’m not out to say I’m right and you are wrong. There’s a reason we have so many options here at HTS! We all have different styles, design ideas, and budgets. I have a great appreciation for the natural beauty that lies within a slab of granite and the wow factor that it can bring into a space. The gorgeous slabs we received earlier this week aren’t helping either. They are amazing! In a world full of Kardashian’s and cookie cutter lives, I strive to be me. Granite is as unique as all of us are as individuals. Some slabs have more subtle contrasts and shimmers and others are over the top blingy with all kinds of character. Here at HTS we have something for everyone on each end of the spectrum and everywhere in between.

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