Chewy’s Slab of the Day

Chewy and his slab of the day: Sandaluz Quartzite

Chewy loves the natural character in this slab of Sandaluz Quartzite. It’s really unique and Chewy’s personality is full of character just like this slab.

Sandaluz Quartzite installed on a kitchen island
Sandaluz Quartzite installed on a different island. This quartzite makes such a great statement accent. Notice how the rest of the kitchen is white and simple. Then BAM you see this natural beauty!
I took this picture looking across the slab at an angle to give a little more detail on just how unique this natural beauty is. There are so many swirls and color variations within each square inch!

Keep checking our blog for Chewy’s next slab of the day! You never know what Chewy will find and have to share with all of you!

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