Installation Day

So you have picked out your countertop material, sink, and everything that goes with it. Installation day is tomorrow!!! What should you expect?

We have our in house crew of guys that will install your new countertops. They are also able to tear out your existing countertops if you make those arrangements when your job is quoted. Regardless, your old countertops will have to be removed before we can install the new ones.

The guys will show up at your scheduled time and do their thing, but what do you need to do to prepare for installation day to go smoothly?

The base cabinets will need to be in place and fully level. Please have the sink cabinets and/or the cook-top cabinets cleared as we will need access inside of these cabinets. It’s also helpful and recommended that you have the top drawers of the cabinets taken out.

Plumbing & Electrical It’s recommended that a plumber disconnects the water lines and an electrician deals with any electrical items before we arrive for installation. We are NOT responsible for the plumbing or electrical.

We do not install dishwashers. These can be installed before or after your countertop. That’s totally up to you. A dishwasher bar might be needed to secure your dishwasher and keep it from moving around. We install those as needed during the countertop installation so your dishwasher needs to at least be on site so our guys can determine how your dishwasher is mounted.

If you have a cooktop stove, we need it to be on site as well. We do not install them however we do make sure that it will fit.

Slide in Stoves and Refrigerators If either appliance is going to rest against the new countertops, they must be moved out of the kitchen area for countertop installation. This is to give our guys the maximum room for maneuvering the granite/quartz slabs easier and safer. This also helps avoid possible scratches and dents to your appliances.

We will install any sink purchased at HTS at no charge. If you wish us to install a sink purchased elsewhere, there will be an additional charge for our crew to do that.

We do not install any faucets.

We know it can be stressful coordinating everything that goes into a project like a kitchen. We try to be upfront and informative so that you know what to expect and can be prepared. If you have any questions leading up to your installation day, call or stop in and we are more than happy to help answer those for you. Thanks for choosing Haberl Tile and Stone for your home.

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