What’s hot?

I ventured out to the Sioux City Home Show last weekend and saw a bunch of amazing new products and some beautiful trends. White quartz countertops, brass/gold hardware, etc., etc. Here’s what I dislike about shopping by trends: You date yourself and your space.

By shopping what’s on trend at the moment and not what is timeless, you are limiting yourself on how long you will love your space. Are you going to have to remodel when the next trend sets in?

Unlike the 1970’s where options were limited, we have endless options today. I always recommend starting with the perfect cabinets. Get cabinets that are built to last- good quality, neutral enough color wise, and great lines that catch your eyes but also help the movement in your space.

Kitchens are one of the selling features of a home. They are also one of the most expensive things to remodel. If you install a great set of quality cabinets, install a great long lasting surface for your countertops, and pick out a neutral and high quality floor, you will be surprised how easy it is to update or change the look of your space with minimal effort and expense. Paint the walls a different color and change out your accents, and you have a completely different look for your space.

When talking with our customers, I always try to get to know them. I want them to pick out material they will love today, next week, and in 10 years. Granite and/or quartz countertops are an investment in your home. They are not cheap and so you want them to stand the test of time both physically and aesthetically. Stop in today and pick out the little black dress or tuxedo for your home. Classics are classics for a reason- they don’t lose appeal over time.

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