New Signage

Today’s project was putting signs up on our slabs. Each sign has the name of the granite, a picture of the granite installed, and a group. We are always striving for ways to make shopping for your new countertops easier and more appealing to our customers.

Let me explain the groups. Group A is the least expensive price point. Don’t think you are getting a poor quality piece of granite just because it is in this group! It’s simply supply and demand- these stones are more plentiful and less exotic. Remember Scott hand picks ALL of our slabs to make sure we are getting the best quality.

Group B is slightly more expensive than Group A and so on up to Group E which is the most expensive stones. Group E is where you will find our quartzite slabs and the more exotic granites.

As with anything, our friendly non commissioned sales staff is always available if you have any questions. Stop in today and check out our new signs as well as our new granite inventory!

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