Templating and What you need to know

Haberl Tile & Stone sells a variety of things to help you get your dream space. In addition to our beautiful stone slabs, we sell a variety of sinks, faucets, and tile. We prefer people purchase their sinks and faucets from us, but we understand that sometimes we might not have the option you desire and therefore you shop around.

If you choose to shop around and get your sink and/or faucets elsewhere, it is so vitally important for you to have the sinks and faucets on site when your job is templated. Not having them there during template creates more margin for error. The team here at HTS wants you to be satisfied with your space once we are done and not having the proper information when we need it creates extra work and again a larger margin for error.

Cooktops are another thing that have to be on site during templating. We know you are living in a war zone of construction materials and you might be nervous about your cooktop breaking. It can be sitting in another room out of the way, but it has to be there for us to get the proper spec information so that we cut the hole correctly.

A good rule of thumb, if a hole is going to be made in your countertop to accommodate something, we need it on site at the template. HTS is always trying to make this process easier and less stress for our customers. If you have any concerns about your project and what is needed, please feel free to stop in, email, or call us.

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