Modern Design

When you are building or updating your space, most customers want to go for a modern look that will remain somewhat timeless. Kitchens, bathrooms, and any home related project costs money and you don’t want to do them twice.

Quartz and granite are both great options for your kitchen and bathrooms.

We have a lot of requests for quartz (thanks HGTV!) but granite shouldn’t be forgotten. Check out this kitchen! With the right appliances, cabinetry, lighting, and accessories, your space really can become anything you wish it could be.

Granite is not outdated! Granite is a classic higher end material that is here to stay.

These gorgeous kitchens used granite in their modern and timeless designs. HTS just moved a number of new colors of granite into our indoor showroom. Some are busy with a lot of character and some are tamer with a more subtle and uniform pattern. Stop in today and check out what we can do for your with your next home project!

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