What’s to love about HTS?

I grew up in a small town in Southwest Iowa where your reputation was something that hung over you and followed you where ever you went. On one hand, I feel like the internet has brought some “help” to those who are looking to research a business’s reputation. And on the other, anyone can post anything they want regardless of how true or how fabricated it might be. I go with my gut especially if I am going to be investing my hard earned money. I’m obviously biased to Haberl Tile & Stone, but here’s my honest top 10 reasons I would choose HTS to surface my home.

  1. Our owner Scott is completely hands on and involved in the daily happenings here at Haberl Tile & Stone. Why is this good for you? It’s personal for him. He cares and wants to make sure that all members/areas of HTS are working together to give our customers the best results for their project.
  2. In addition to #1, Scott is a perfectionist. Even if HTS is a little bit more expensive to get the job done, customers can find comfort in knowing it will be done right the first time. I always think of Mike Holmes and how he makes sure things abide by code and then some. Scott is such a valuable part of HTS with his experience, knowledge, and desire to have things be the best they can be.
  3. The friendly sales staff is not paid commission so there is no pressure to our customers. They just want to make the customer happy with a material that fits their style and budget.
  4. Our customers aren’t just another job. The sales staff gets to know their customers and is able to better meet their needs and give them the results for their space that they desire.
  5. Our Indoor Slabyard is unbelievable! We house all of our granite slabs in there so you can shop any day of the year regardless of the weather. It has sink displays, towers from all of our quartz suppliers, and over 200 slabs of granite. Did I mention it is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year so customers can shop when it fits their schedule?
  6. HTS doesn’t take any shortcuts. We aren’t here to cut corners to increase our profits off of your job. HTS is here to do the job to the best of our abilities. It’s all about quality!
  7. A 15-20 minute drive east on Highway 20 gives our big city customers small town service. When was the last time you got called by name at any store in Sioux City?
  8. HTS guides our customers through each of the steps of the process. We try to let people know what they need to do for each of the steps along the way so that the process not only runs smooth for our crew but so that our customers can plan ahead and hopefully not be as stressed.
  9. Chewy. He’s like a kid most days- adorable and sometimes a pain in the rear but you can’t imagine life without him. Chewy loves visitors and especially kids that will pet and play with him. He gives our younger customers something to do while mom and dad look around.
  10. Commitment to quality. Haberl Tile & Stone has been in business for 29 years and counting. Scott has personally worked in the industry for many years prior to establishing Haberl Tile & Stone. Just because something has worked in the past doesn’t mean it will not need to change down the road. The team here at HTS is always looking for ways we can do our jobs better.

I can’t necessarily put all of the behind the scenes action here into words to incorporate into a list. There is so much more that goes into a new countertop than a person could ever realize. If you are in the market for new countertops, floor tile, or you are kicking around a home improvement project, be sure to add Haberl Tile & Stone to your list of places to stop and shop!

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