How do you decide???

Here at Haberl Tile & Stone we hear this all of the time from customers. They are overwhelmed by all of the beautiful options that we have to offer. For all of you shopping from your computer and trying to narrow down your selection before you come in, here are some helpful directional points that might help you.

The first question I always ask is if the customer has any color or style in mind. Are you going for a certain color palette? Or a certain style like “modern farmhouse” that is really popular right now. If you can narrow down what you like to a style or color, it is really helpful to steer you in a direction that meets your needs.

The next way I try to narrow down their choices is between the different materials we have here at HTS. We offer our customers granite, quartzite (natural), quartz (manmade), solid surface, and marble. Depending on the project and area the customer is looking to surface, one material might be more of a match than the others. For example, natural marble is beautiful but does require regular maintenance to ensure its longevity. I personally wouldn’t put it in my kitchen because I use and abuse my kitchen. Marble would be a great option for a fireplace surround in my home. I would pick quartzite (natural stone) for my countertops as they are harder than granite and very tolerant to heat.

Is there a certain statement the customer is looking to make in their space? Check out this kitchen for example. It’s a quartz that mimics marble and has a waterfall edge on both sides of the island. They have also used quartz on the wall for a backsplash.

Some customers come in wanting a statement backsplash like the one above. If that’s big on your want list, I would suggest a countertop that complemented the colors but that was more simple like a quartz (manmade) or our Wilsonart Solid Surface.

In the modern era of Pinterest and endless ideas, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and find it hard to stick to a plan. Start with your most important statement feature and work from there to achieve some cohesion for your space.

Of course we have customers that come in and fall in love with a stone slab and then base the rest of their space off of the stone. I love those customers! Sometimes the natural beauty just overwhelms you and makes the hard decisions for you. It happens to me all of the time and I work here!

Regardless of what kind of shopper you are, our staff is available and ready to help you narrow down materials to get you the space of your dreams. Stop in or give us a call today.

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