Let’s Debate- Granite vs. Quartz

In the world of countertops, we find many debating between granite and quartz.  What’s the difference?  Which one is better for me?  What advantages do each have over the other?


Granite is 100% natural, cut straight from the quarry into a big ol’ slab of natural beauty.  This material is full of natural characteristics and thus each slab with vary with its own unique character.  It is a very hard and durable surface that needs minimal maintenance. We recommend that our customers use our 3 in 1 spray to clean them once a week.  Besides that, the granite will need resealed about every 7-10 years.  That’s something that most people can DIY. Some shy away from granite because it does have the potential to stain if things aren’t cleaned right away.  Think red wine.  But if you clean up the spill right away, you should have no stain issues. 


Quartz is about 97% natural material.  It’s actually an engineered product that uses natural quartz, stone byproducts, and other materials to create more uniform slabs.  Quartz has had flaws removed and thus it has increased durability. It is less prone to have issues with staining.  To maintain your quartz, you just need to wipe it down regularly with soap and water. Quartz is more resistant to bacteria as it is a nonporous material.  The only negative to quartz is that it is more sensitive to heat than granite.  If you are in the habit of setting hot things on your counter, you probably want to go with granite.

Both of these countertop options are visually appealing, durable, and add value to your home.  It really is just a matter of personal preference.  

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