Granite Countertops

I remember it wasn’t all that long ago that cherry cabinets with black granite countertops were all the rage.  Today it seems to be light and airy kitchens with a lot of white.  I myself love the look because it just looks so clean.  In helping people select a product for their home, I try not to focus on what’s currently in style as much as I do what their personal style is overall.  Granite countertops will outlive an average home.  The wood will rot and the roof cave in long before your granite will die.  I want our customers to love their countertops for life.  

Especially when you are remodeling an existing home, a good piece of granite can provide cohesion for mixing old and new together.  No matter what your personal style is, I truly feel that we can help you pick a piece of granite that will complement it now and for the years to come.  It is such a diverse natural material!  It comes in such a variety of colors and patterns some of which are busier than others.  If you are going for a more eclectic feel, it looks really neat and yet timeless to use a different color of granite on your island.  The team here at Haberl is always ready to take the extra steps to ensure your vision for your space becomes a reality.  We want you to be happy and in love with your new countertops. 

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