New & Exciting Things Coming!!!

Here at Haberl Tile & Stone we strive to provide our customers with a wide selection of quality products that will work with their individual styles and budgets.

I can’t officially announce what they are, but we have some exciting new options that we will be offering our customers!!! Don’t worry, I will post about them and update you all as soon as I can. We are so excited to start offering them to all of you! There’s just some behind the scenes stuff to take care of first.

We want to our customers to not only get great service from our HTS team, but also feel confident that we are only offering them top quality options. Top quality does not always equal most expensive price! We are always looking for ways and options to meet our customer’s needs. Without all of our wonderful customers, we wouldn’t be here! We appreciate you all! Keep checking back and following our blog, Instagram, and Facebook pages for our updates! You just never know what we will post next!

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