Home Trends

If you follow HGTV or any big city custom home builders, you will notice some of these new trends.

This is what we get the most requests for- white quartz that resembles marble. Take your eyes off of the layout for a moment and look at what they did with the quartz on the backsplash! This is my favorite way to use quartz! That’s right! No tiles in this kitchen- they have a solid surface quartz backsplash. No grout to clean, no lines distracting your eyes from the statement that is a solid slab of quartz. It looks so seemless and clean!

The other major trend we are seeing is the waterfall edge. That’s where you continue the material over the edge of your cabinets down the side. Here at HTS we miter that joint so it appears completely seemless from the top. It’s those little details and extra steps that we take here at HTS that give your install that extra punch.

If you have a magazine cover look or an idea on Pinterest that you want to recreate in your home but don’t know how or what material to use, stop on in and we can show you what options we can help you with. We are always up for a new challenge here at HTS!

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