Dishwasher Bars

The dishwasher bars that we have here at Haberl Tile and Stone are universal ones. But do you need one? We don’t include them on our quotes because we don’t know if you will need one at that time.

Most dishwashers attach to the countertop on the top of the dishwasher. However, some of the newer dishwashers can attach to the side of your cabinets. We do not install or level dishwashers for customers. We do ask that your dishwasher is on site when we install your countertops so that we can decide if you will need the dishwasher mounting bar. Our installation crew will discuss this with the homeowner before we add the dishwasher bar.

We charge $25 for the dishwasher bars if you end up needing one. If you have any dishwasher related questions, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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