Solid Surface…What is it?

We offer Wilsonart brand solid surface here at HTS because we feel that it is a great option for our customers in both residential and commercial applications.

Wilsonart solid surface is a manmade product that is consistent, uniform color and pattern throughout the slab. The Wilsonart is a quality product that is 100% acrylic so it will not yellow over time. Some solid surfaces will yellow over time especially if they are exposed to the sun. It’s the solid surfaces that have the polyblends that are more prone to the yellowing so there are no worries with the Wilsonart.

Wilsonart Solid surface in the color Morning Ice

The Wilsonart Solid Surface is a non-porous surface so it will be resistant to bacteria growth and stains. It will have a matte finish and a seamless appearance. The great thing about the Wilsonart Solid Surface is that it is renewable indefinitely. You scratch it, we can fix it. You crack it, we can fix that. It’s built to take a beating and if it gets beat too hard, it can be mended.

Not only does Wilsonart offer high quality options for your home, their company knows the value of making things here at home. They are in the process of opening a new plant so that all of the Solid surfaces will be made in Texas by our fellow Americans. How cool is that! They are still in transition, but I respect their company for keeping jobs here in America. We do have a lot of customers wanting to make sure that they have products that are made here on US soil.

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