Winter is coming!!!

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will probably get my reference.

We are preparing for a wintery mix to hit this evening. Don’t let that stop you from shopping for your new countertops at HTS!

Walking outside might look like this tomorrow if the weatherman is correct.

With our website full of pictures and info, you are able to shop all of our quartz suppliers websites from the comfort of your recliner as well as our current inventory of granite and quartzite.

We want your shopping experience with us to be like a warm sunny day on the beach- comfortable and relaxing!
We don’t want your shopping experience to feel cold, pressured and miserable.

We are here to help you regardless of the weather! We have so many new and exciting things going on here at HTS! There are so many new options for your next project.

So if you could use a little warmth and sunshine in your life right now, stop in or hop on our website and see what’s new. If nothing else, at least you can enjoy seeing what Chewy has been up to. He’s cute and entertaining!

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