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Calling all health professionals… We have the perfect material for you! Your career is demanding and you don’t have time to hassle with construction and remodeling once your office is set up. You need materials that can handle your patient load and everything that comes into the office with them.

We proudly offer Wilsonart Solid Surface here at HTS. It hits the 3D’s for our healthcare customers- Disinfection, Durability, and Design. The Wilsonart solid surface is a surfacing option that you can find confidence in. Wilsonart is non-porous and durable to start with, but it can take an impact and resist stains, bacteria, and moisture to boot! It offers an element of design while maintaining function for your workspace. If the surface becomes damaged for some reason, it can be refinished and repaired with ease.

For those of you that are interested in the most advanced Preventative Biocidal Surface Technology (https://www.wilsonart.com/solid-surface-eos), EOS provides an EPA registered, self-sanitizing surface supported by peer-reviewed published trial results that demonstrate its value in an operating clinical environment.

We are still waiting on our larger tower display, but we do have samples of each color in our office if you want to hold it in your hand vs. look on a computer. Contact us today if you have any questions about our Wilsonart Solid Surface or check out their website at your convenience. https://www.wilsonart.com/solid-surface/design-library

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