In my opinion, Vicostone has some gorgeous quartz surfaces. The Diamante is probably my most favorite slab of quartz. It looks like marble and is just beautiful.

Look at this breath taking kitchen! They used the Vicostone Alaska White.
Alaska White Vicostone
Alaska White Vicostone sample

There are so many great options with Vicostone! The surfaces really do look like natural stone.

I love the waterfall edge in this kitchen! The color pictured is Statuario and it’s a great option because it comes in 2 different sized slabs.

Many of the Vicostone colors come in a regular sized slab as well as a Jumbo slab. This is great for our customers because we can customize and order accordingly to their space. Say your kitchen requires more material than we get from 1 slab but you will have a good chunk leftover by ordering 2, that’s why we love Jumbo slabs! More material and less money for your total material cost!

Follow the link to Vicostone’s webpage from our quartz tab or stop in to check out all of their great colors!

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