What’s New at HTS???

Scott & Val went shopping for new granite yesterday! They found 14 new colors that we will be adding to our indoor showroom in the near future!!!

Although we don’t know an exact date when they will be delivered and in our showroom for your to view (thank you Iowa Winter weather), we are so excited that we will have these gorgeous new slabs!

*Stock picture as we are still unpacking our new towers.

We received our new Wilsonart Displays for their quartz and solid surface today!!! We are working on getting them unpacked and ready for you to shop. If you want to shop from the warmth and comfort of your home today, check out their website! https://www.wilsonart.com/

Despite the snowy day we are having and many schools and businesses being closed, here at HTS we actually have a lot of exciting things going on and we are still working to better serve our customers. Stay safe! And stay warm!

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