How much is that a square foot?

Here at Haberl Tile & Stone we try and be as transparent as we can with our customers. We want our customers to know that we are here for them regardless of their budget or material choice. All of you are equally important to us!

So many of our customers have come in to look at our material options and they request a simple price of the material per square foot. We understand their desire to know prices, but it’s not that simple.

This is a dummy quote. This is what we give our customers when they provide us with a layout and dimensions for their project. It will break everything down for you so you can see what you are paying for.

Some places figure in the cost of fabrication, templating, and installation into their price per square foot. We do not price our jobs that way. We break that all down for you in our quote and we are just a phone call or an email away if there’s any questions. HTS is not trying to hide anything by not giving square footage pricing. We are trying to do the opposite actually. We know that budgets are important and most people save up to make these projects happen. We want you to know what your money is being spent on.

We realize that we might do things a little different here at HTS, but we prefer it that way. We don’t want to be like everyone else. We want to be better and in our own category- known for being easy to work with and providing the best customer service and care.

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