The HTS Oscars

The big topics on this cold Monday are the weather and the Oscars last night. With all of the Oscar buzz, I have put together my own Oscars.

Bradley Cooper was one of the most talked about performers.
This kitchen is a lot like Bradley Cooper- eye catching, timeless, and classy.
Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel are one of Hollywood’s It couples. They are fun and personable and always stylish!
This is my Justin and Jessica inspired kitchen. Two tone cabinetry, timeless granite countertops with an eased edge, and a little bling all tied together with white woodwork and perfect lighting.
Lady Gaga is a fan favorite and she is always so full of creative inspiration.
This multitone white kitchen is enough for me to go gaga over! No doubt our celebrity inspiration would find this kitchen appealing.
Seth Rogen and his wife look classy but with an element that’s bold and adventurous.
Rogen inspired kitchen. Lots of classic timeless lines and black, but that bold red countertop enhanced by the metallic elements to show it all off is amazing!
Aquaman Jason Momoa and wife Lisa Bonet in pinkish hues.
Ok so this kitchen doesn’t have any pink hues to it, but it definitely has an aquatic feel to it which my favorite superhero would find himself at home in this tranquil kitchen overlooking the water.

Most people wouldn’t think about finding countertop inspiration at the Oscars, but you can find it anywhere! If something strikes you and you just can’t look away, use that as inspiration in designing your space! There’s no right or wrong as your space is personal to you.

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