Maintenance Free Marble

Who doesn’t love the look of white marble countertops? It goes with any cabinet color, it’s a look that most people find visually appealing, and it’s just kind of a timeless classic. With all of the buzz about “modern farmhouse” design, we have had a good portion of customer’s wanting to know a great alternative to marble because they don’t want the maintenance of a marble countertop. Here are my top 3 colors that we have here at HTS.

Caesarstone Calcatta Nuvo

Caesarstone is a high quality brand of quartz with some amazing colors. Pictured above is the color Calcatta Nuvo. These counters are non porous and no maintenance unlike their natural marble alternative. Some sources recommend that you reseal like colored marble every 3-6 months! There is no maintenance with Caesarstone other than using a soft cloth with soap and water to wipe them off.

Caesarstone Frosty Carrina

Another great option from Caesarstone is the color Frosty Carrina. This is a great alternative for natural marble if you want the look of marble but not so many big veins.

Hanstone Tranquility
Vicostone Calacatta
Silestone Eternal Calcatta Gold
Okite Staturio Extra

We have many more options in different price ranges. If you are looking for a marble alternative for your space, stop in and see us today and we will show you all of our great options.

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