Speak up! We are here to help you!

We know that sometimes the amount of options can be overwhelming when you come in to narrow down what you like for your project.

Haberl Tile and Stone is happy to provide our customers with a free quote when they provide us with a project layout and some basic information. The team here at HTS wants to do our best to match you with a material that not only fits your style and desires for your space but also your budget. If we give you a quote for the stone that you are in love with and it gives you sticker shock, please say something to us! We have so many options available and would be happy to try and find you something that is similar but more appealing to your project budget.

This happens more than customers realize especially with quartz. I decided to post about this topic today because I know customers sometimes have reservations about telling us that their quote came back too high or they don’t want to spend that much. Our friendly and non commissioned sales team is happy to hunt for a better option for you! No judgements will be made here! Our team just wants to give you the best match for your space, style, and budget!

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