Family Jewels

I hope all of the moms and grandmothers enjoyed Mother’s Day yesterday! Spending time with my own family yesterday had me thinking about work in a way.

When we aren’t running off to one of the kids’ various activities or sporting events, we are either outside in the woods/lake or we are hanging out at home. When we are at home, a good portion of our time is spent in the kitchen.

I myself enjoy what’s trending and beautiful new things that are show stopping. I also enjoy a good classic that is well designed and built to last for decades.

Think your grandmother and her special piece of jewelry she would wear on special occasions, a Tiffany Diamond ring…. Just a few examples of big purchases that were thought out, well designed and respected for quality, and purchased to last a lifetime. Countertops should be in this category! They add such beauty to your space, they should be something that lasts a lifetime or close to. The kitchen is really the heart of the home. It’s where nourishing meals are made, where the family tends to gather, and where memories are made.

Here at HTS, we enjoy seeing what’s new and trending and we have many materials and options to help our customers that want to embrace and explore the trends. We also have a lot to offer our customers who are searching for the classic Tiffany diamond solitaire that will be passed down and treasured for the years to come.

Regardless of your style and budget, stop out and our non commissioned sales staff will be happy to help you find what you are looking for. We have just received some beautiful new slabs of granite and quartzite. Our inventory is always changing!

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