Updating your home

Being a homeowner is a costly endeavor. With it comes great responsibility and also a sense of pride. You want your home to not only feel like home to you and your family, but also feel inviting to your extended family and friends. When you decide to update your home, you want the project to be within your budget and use materials that are timeless and durable.

Take a glimpse back in time through this photo. There is no doubt in my mind that these cabinets are still around somewhere. They were definitely built to last. I could see repurposing them into a modern retro inspired kitchen or like I would do and let my husband use them in his garage.

Here are my personal top 5 ways to guarantee that you won’t end up spending your hard earned cash on a kitchen that will be outdated in a decade.

  1. Use a tone of wood for your cabinets that inspires you. For me personally, it would be a color that makes me think of an awe inspiring place that I have been like the Redwood Forrest. Something that is overwhelmingly beautiful and I will never tire of if I can’t afford to remodel again.
  2. Pick a neutral color palate for your big expensive items- cabinets, countertop, and appliances. You can bring great change to your space down the road for cheap if you are changing the accents in your space- painting the walls, tablecloth/placemats, vases, wall clock, etc.
  3. Use a high quality surface for your countertops that will stand the test of time. Here at HTS we sell quartz, Wilsonart Solid Surface, quartzite, and granite. I personally love quartzite, but I understand it’s not for everyone. Here I would advise to buy something that is somewhat neutral and complements your cabinetry and the overall vibe you are going for in your home. The Hogen quartzite is a favorite-neutral and timeless color that has beautiful natural character.
  4. Use subway tile on your backsplash. We remodeled a kitchen that had an existing subway tile backsplash from back in the day. The countertops and cabinetry looked dated and not so appealing, but the backsplash still looked great and like it could fit in with a more modern kitchen. Sometimes we overthink the simplest things. Also as much as I love me some small glass mosaic tile, it is not the most appealing thing to clean. You have less grout with subway tile which makes things easier to clean if you accidentally splatter pasta sauce on your backsplash.
  5. Pick a floor covering that will improve with age and have a pleasing patina/wear pattern. If my budget allowed, I would go with a natural hardwood floor.

Those are my helpful hints for the day. I hope everyone out there enjoys the beautiful weather and what the day has to offer!

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