Now is the Time!

If you are like me, you can’t wait to get off of work and get outside to enjoy the nice weather. I really like and enjoy my job, but my office is inside. I love mowing, gardening, and basking in the sun! I know a lot of people try to cross projects outside of their home off of their list this time of year, but you should also think about working in some of the projects you have inside.

If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen, now is the perfect time to tackle that project and here are my top reasons why.

  1. It’s spring/summer so it’s nice enough to fire up that grill and not worry if your stove isn’t hooked up inside. You can still cook a delicious meal for your family outside without heating up your house.
  2. Most of our customers focus on these projects during the fall and winter. We aren’t as busy so you won’t have to wait as long for your countertops.
  3. When it’s cold and you don’t want to be outside, you won’t have to live in a construction zone. Construction is exciting but it’s also stressful. If you remodel now when you can be outside enjoying the weather and summer activities, you likely won’t be as stressed with the construction zone in your home.
  4. There are a lot of gatherings in the summer where you could show off those gorgeous new countertops. My family always had a big 4th of July get together with all of the family friends. In the winter, we all tend to be more home bodies as going outside is not very appealing.
  5. New countertops aren’t much work for the home owner. You pick out your material, but HTS pretty much does the rest. We can tear out your old countertop if you wish, Scott comes and templates it, we fabricate them, and then we come out and install them. So you can cross this project off of your list without having to do a lot. That leaves you with a lot of time to cross multiple other projects off your list like that new flowerbed your wife wants or to work in your garden.

Haberl Tile & Stone can also help you with your outdoor kitchen space. HTS has over 200 slabs of stone on hand right now so you won’t have to wait for material to be shipped in. Granite is a great option for an outdoor kitchen. It tolerates the weather changes we have in Iowa really well.

Whatever projects are on the Honey Do List at your house, stop on out today and see what Haberl Tile and Stone can help you cross off.

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